Applicants from South Africa Seek Admission in NCFU


Protus D. Kum (Director of RACUS-2 Representative Office in South Africa) had a visit to NCFU.

The high guest was particularly interested in the IT training that students from South Africa can find at NCFU. While visiting the training facilities at the Institute for Information Technologies & Telecommunications, Mr. Kum was shown the academic curricula offered to students, including the training delivered in English.

This special interest taken in the training is due to the fact that the number of students coming from South Africa to study at NCFU has been growing rapidly over the past few years – 4 students in 2015 vs. 42 now.

This visit paid by the South African party is not a single one – last year the South African Ambassador in Russia visited NCFU discussing various issues regarding academic mobility and expansion of cooperation in many areas.

RACUS-2 is an agency joining a group of Russian universities that offer training to students from South Africa, which has been functioning for over 20 years now.


South African Delegation Visiting NCFU


Head of the representative office of RACUS-2 in the South African Republic, Kum Protus Dze and the representatives of the education department of the Mpumalanga Mayor’s office of the Republic of South Africa, Francis Vanita, Moen Lucy Khloyan, Mhaule Regina, visited the North-Caucasus Federal University. The visit was arranged to get to know the academic degree programs offered at the NCFU.

Valentin Shipulin (Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs) told the delegation about various bilingual programs and the Russian language training offered to foreign applicants. In order to show the unique laboratories and the equipment, the guests were invited to see the facilities at the Institute for Life Science; Institute for Information Technologies and Telecommunications; Institute of Electric Power Engineering, Electronics and Nanotechnologies, and the Institute of Construction, Transport and Engineering. Besides, the delegation of South Africa could meet compatriot-students who told them that they have no trouble studying at the NCFU, while the training itself is going on well.

Students Jett off To Russia

One hundred students from impoverished households in the province jetted off to Russia at the weekend to pursue their studies in various fields.

They were afforded the opportunity to study abroad in the fields of medicine, civil engineering, veterinary science, mathematics and science education by the provincial government at the cost of R15m.

The programme is part of a bilateral agreement between the countries of South Africa and Russia.

The sending-off ceremony for the students was presided over by education MEC Reginah Mhaule in White River near Mbombela on Saturday.

Mhaule said the provincial government was confident that upon completion of their studies, the students would play a vital role in addressing the shortage of skills faced by the province, especially in the fields of engineering and medicine.

According to Mhaule, 23 of the students will be studying civil engineering and 57 will be studying medicine.

The other 14 will be studying veterinary science and six will study mathematics and science education.

“I am also grateful that the understanding between the two countries has afforded a total of 100 students from the province at a cost of R15m to study in Russia,” Mhaule said.

She said the students were not only selected because they were from needy families but as a result of their excellent Grade 12 results.

“You were chosen because you have produced good marks in your Grade 12 examinations. As a province, we therefore do not expect anything less from you.

“We are convinced that we have chosen only the best to take part in this programme.

“Please note that the way of life in Russia, language, culture, food and weather is very different from South Africa so stay focused on your mission at hand. Value your objectives to study at all times and please don’t allow homesickness to distract you from your main goals,” Mhaule said.

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